About the use

 About the use

◆ how dietary guideline for the first time to take 1 times 1-5 drops since start.
Without itching, diarrhea, allergic reactions, fit and stay tuned.

◆ Please up serving, put warm water and water from to begin with, on paper cups, etc. propolis extract in the syringe with CAP and soften.

◆ can be wiped off with alcohol is adhered to the inside of glass "beeswax", but recommended using a handy disposable paper cups.

◆ can be tar-like membrane on the inside of the container and into the water, but it is beeswax components, so drinking is also no problem.
Anxious take on toothpicks, etc.

◆ feel resistance to propolis unique flavor mix, honey and milk, juice or yoghurt and enjoy.

◆ How taste and smell like put the extract, empty capsules are sold in pharmacies, etc., served.

• After opening the lid firmly closed, please keep out of reach of children do not cool place away from direct sunlight.

◆ If you get symptoms such as itching, diarrhea, allergic, or on rare occasions, depending on structure and shape.
If you not agree with drinking, stop please.


Propolis started drinking to get reaction (body itching, diarrhea, allergic reactions), but my reaction is the effect began to appear, so be happy.
A little slowly and get used to drinking as normal will allow.
If cases such as unbearable, stop drinking, please consult your doctor.