How to drink the propolis


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Today the cold weather this winter is very cold in

Say, Shizuoka Prefecture is minimum temperature was 4 ° C

Today, about propolis drink let me talk a little bit

My own daily drink propolis

Take off work and go back home for a bath in milk 100cc
30 to 50 percent of the eyedropper with the mix into a mug and drink

After drinking mug with bee Jani was so quickly put some detergent, wash

Haunt bee Jani was left to sink, so it hard to take
Please wash the early

Mix the propolis is if first dropper 2-starting with 3 drops of
When it comes to used syringe 30-50% would amount to

However, only drinking in the direct care is strictly prohibited
Troublesome friends to wash dishes in direct drinking station
Was doing seemed too strong stimulation and don't drink directly again.
From now on, cheating instead of tea and drink it

Mixed goods, water, hot water, tea, their very easy to drink, drink
We recommend

Let's have more healthy in propolis

But also (^ ^) v

HOPES Manager Torii 2017.12.12