Torii's HOPES

Today is a cold day

From our propolis, propolis from Minas Gerais, Brazil

And so far, it is the Brazil and Japan more than 18000 km

Our propolis has come from far away Brazil

2017In late January I Gate takes about 30 hours in Brazil, has been flying
* Of course the plane is(^O^)

Centrair ⇒ Beijing: Abu Dhabi et al. has been in Sao Paulo and Earth West circumference

It is therefore in propolis and see whether any of the

In the Web site has a video, but
Both in local Brazil fishing videos, 2 in 1 book is taken by myself,

Local experiences will let you speak slowly

Photo is in Abu Dhabi

Any questions, contact us by mail or FAX and await

Let's have more healthy in propolis

But also(^^)v

HOPES Manager Torii 2017.12.13