Honey collection


HOPES Manager Torii

It rained in the morning in Hamamatsu today, and it was a very cold day.

Today is the continuation of collecting honey in Brazil.

After a visit to the collection of honey in the orange field, I went back to my way home.

Several people are walking along the aze-do road in the field.

When I went on as it is thinking what it was, I saw it at the place of the pole of various places which I saw when coming.
People are gathering.

When I asked him, the field was so wide that he took a bus to return to the office from each site.

It seems to be a bus dedicated to this field, too.

As it is, on the way to the Azedo again, and to catch up with the bus and proceed further
An oncoming car is coming.

The bus which should have been pulled out a little while ago is coming towards.

"What's that? 」

Why does the bus come out?

To tell the truth, there are several buses in this field alone.

Because there are a lot of people coming and going especially in the morning and evening, all buses seem to be running.

As expected, the scale of Brazil is too different.

Along the way, you'll also come across a truck loaded with oranges.

And when you get to the orange temporary cluster
There was a do-decai facility for loading oranges onto trucks.

It's a size unthinkable in Japan.

I went home with a surprise.

That's it for today.

That's all

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HOPES Store Manager Torii 2018.1.8