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HOPES Manager Torii

I'm sorry for the heavy snowfall in Niigata and Ishikawa Prefectures in Hamamatsu today.
It was a day when the cold eased and the temperature rose.

Today is a continuation of the Brazilian supermarket.

There are almost a food court next to the entrance to several supermarkets.
Snacks are now available.

There was a food court at the entrance at the supermarket that I stopped by this time.

It was lunchtime, so we decided to have lunch there.

I'm going to give you a pretty sister at the cash register.

The menu is the usual buffet style, not all-you-can-eat
It was a savert (there are many all-you-can-eat depending on the place)

The menu includes a variety of ingredients, and the meat sand is pork, chicken, and vegetables are broccoli or lettuce.
There were many kinds of beans, too.

In terms of feeling, I want to eat a lot, but the reality is that my stomach doesn't follow.

However, I took a lot of meals, and i regretted a little late meal, but ate completely.

But it was very delicious!

I left the supermarket full and went to the post office on my way home.

The displacement was stopped by a mail delivery bike of around 125cc.

The doorway is open type and the wall is open.

The air conditioner curtains are working and the inside is very cool.

And, after all, the stray dog is sleeping under the chair of the waiting room in the building here.

But don't wake up a stray dog, and it doesn't happen a little softly.(*Aoi's)

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HOPES Store Manager Torii 2018.1.15