Music Hall Services Health Division

Dec. 8, 2018


HOPES Manager Torii

In Hamamatsu today, there was a strong wind from the morning, and the felt temperature was very low.

It's been 4 months and a little over the first update

I'm sorry

Today, instead of talking about propolis,

From this month, as the second phase of the Raku Service House Health Division

Recently, I started selling baked potatoes, which is a hot topic.

The concept had been planned for more than a year ago,

In fact, it was a place that managed to start from December 3rd with a bang.

From time to time, I would like to report on the latest situation here as well.

In the future, as a music service building (health business department),

Engaged in the sale of propolis and baked potatoes,

I would like to help you "live with hope" even a little.

That's all

We are sending you questions and consultation e-mails.

HOPES store manager Torii 2018.12.8